Qui puoi creare arte interattiva
1. WeaveSilk.com — Create something soothing.

2. DrawAStickman.com — Draw a stickman and watch him go on an adventure.

3. DrawACat.net — Draw a cat and watch her play with a ball.

4. Drooodle.com — Draw something and pass it on to the next person.

5. SketchSwap.com — Sketch something and get a sketch back.

6. Pixelator.co — Share your canvas with others, and create pixel by pixel.

7. Bomomo.com — Create art with a lot of different lines.

8. BallDroppings.com — Bounce balls off of lines and create music.

9. Patatap.com — Use your keyboard to make music.

10. RonWinter.tv/drums.html — Create more music with your keyboard.

11. ButtonBass.com — Create dubstep and electronic music.

12. IncrediBox.com — Select different melodies, beats, effects to make music.